Sunday, May 11, 2014

Discovering SEATTLE....

Our US trip... second major stop... SEATTLE!!!

Of course we visited some vintage shoppes.

There is less retro stores in Seattle than in Portland...

but they are bigger and cheaper!

We spent 3 days there so we had also time to play tourists!

And what to not miss in Seattle?


Built in 1960 for the 1962 World's fair!

ATOMIC style with a fantastic view of the city!

We were a bit dissapointed that there was not a small exhibition about the world's fair...

even in the books store, it was hard to find souvenirs of the early 60's. 

I would love to see vintage pictures, movies from the fair, original souvenirs (luckily we were able to see some in Seattle Antiques Malls)..

For example, the Atomium in Bruxelles from the 1958 world's fair presents  exhibitions about the fair, about 50's design and architecture. The shop is all about the 50's.

But the view was better in Seattlle than Bruxelles...

We were lucky to have a sunny day...

But quite cold... I had to wear my "potatoes bag" coat...

That's how my husband calls it, because of its large cut...

but I like this 50's rain coat to travel: light, can fit every outfits, great for rain... not fancy but practical.

I must show you my new costume jewels, just received before departure!

This heart set is from Belle Lurette,

2 parisian ladies who are newly creating retro style brooches, earrings, necklace... I want them all!

Sylvain like to wear his new (to him) clothes as soon as he bought them...

So here is one of his new jacket, tie and tie bar!

Dapper, isn't he?

We also visited the famous public market!

Established in 1907, it's really pleasant to walk in its alleys.

We didn't know Seattle and discovering the city was really great!

Instead of Sylvain, I usually don't wear immediatly the clothes I buy... I keep them to be able to match at home with the best accessories...

My hubby found the gorgeous plaid 40's jacket in Red Light in Seattle!

We were planning to go to Vancouver but we didn't have enought time to go to Canada. 
So it was time to fly for another adventure...

Have you ever visited Seattle ?
Do you like to wear clothes as soon as bought ?


  1. Here is a nifty video of the Seattle Worlds Fair

  2. also check this Facebook page:

  3. Wow, what fun you had! I dream of seeing all these places in the US someday (and I dream of the vintage shopping there most of all!) I love reading about your travels x

  4. What fine outfits both of you are wearing, even on your travels! It's so nice to see you also blogging about your USA trip. I have yet to visit Seattle but I hear it's an amazing place to see. I also one day hope to make it to Vancouver. Wonderful photography! Looking forward to seeing more of your adventures and you are accessorized perfectly:) I'd love just one peak in your jewelry box.

  5. You two are always picture-perfect time travelers! Don't let let Sylvain make too much fun of you; I like your coat!!!

  6. If you haven't already seen it, I'd recommend the Elvis Presley movie It Happened At The Worlds Fair. Some great scenes of them in the Space Needle.

  7. Oh I like Seattle! We were there a couple of years ago, as Aaron's sister lives there with her family. They have great antique malls!!!! I hope to return there again soon.

    ps. I LOVE your earrings and necklace set!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. I like your "potatoes bag" coat. I really like the combination of Sylvain's new brown jacket and brown and teal tie.


    I found these videos on youtube about the history of the needle and the world fair of 62 :)

  10. the hubby is from seattle ... so we spent some days there last june.
    lucky dry goods would be one of my fav places for vintage stuff there ... red light was pretty cool too - but i was surprised about the bad condition of a lot of pieces i found there.
    i love to wear new pieces as soon as possible ... :)
    can't wait to see some pictures from LA!!!!

  11. Laurence and Sylvain, Your pictures are postcard worthy. It makes me want to pack a suitcase and head for Seattle! You've probably have visited more places in the US then I have (or half the population...LOL) Love your outfits especially Laurence's pink and black skirt(?) w/ your cute snoods and scarf turbans. I clicked on the link for Belle Lurette, do they sell on line or just in stores? Lovely heart set, I saw lots of pieces on their Facebook page I would love to buy. XOXO LisaO

  12. Absolutely gorgeous images! I adore that you focused many of them on your time atop the Space Needle - what a cool, memorable backdrop that makes for.

    ♥ Jessica

    *PS* Some TV station NEEDS to give you two your own travel show. You're the most stylish and enjoyable travelers I've seen.

  13. Oh, dear.. Oh, my..
    You BOTH look wonderful.
    The images are so clean, and the weather looks amazing (must talk about weather, 'cause ours is miserable for days now)
    Now, I personaly have never left our darling continent, but maybe one day, who knows...
    Have I ever NOT wanted to wear the clothes right after I shop them? :) The truth is, that is my way of shopping: I buy what I instantly want to put on (then and there).. that means I'll surely wear it, and it will not end up piling up in my wardrobe.