Thursday, May 8, 2014

PORTLAND: vintage paradise?

So here are the first pictures of our US trip!

We arrived in Seattle but decided to go straight to Portland.

We stopped a few times to visit some Antiques Malls...

but our first goal was to go to a small town lost in Oregon forests and montains... Vernonia!

That was to visit a shop called MUFFY'S... 
the saddle shoes' kingdom!!! We bought 4 pairs....

After that vintage shopping could start in Portland!

I must tell you that we chose to go to North West of the USA because of that.

Have you ever noticed that so many bloggers, Etsy shoppes or Ebay dealers come from Portland area?

Moreover that was my first time in this area so that was a good excuse!

On our second day in Portland, I arranged a meeting with the darling Janey for a shopping day.

You must recognized her, she writes the blog Atomic Readhead.

That's always so nice to visit a city with someone who lives there.

That was like a vintage shoppes marathon...

we had a really fun day, that's so great to be able to meet people that you follow online in real life.

We stopped at Simply Vintage

where we had the pleasure to meet again Sara (the owner) and Julie from Fabgabs that we have already met in Viva.

I told you so many vintage people in Portland!

A lot of stores with nice items at affordable prices!

Moreover did you know that there is no tax in Oregon???
One more reason to visit this state!

We loved this city...

Really clean and green, everything is close (it's not a huge city), easy to park, no traffic jam...

But I must tell you that it's not easy to travel in early spring...

Weather can be really nice one day almost like summer and the next one cold, wind and rain!

Really hard to pack a suitcase in such situation...

We stayed 4-5 days in Portland area...

and went back to Seattle.

With more Antiques Malls to visit...

There are a lot of small historic towns that have an Antiques District.

You can enjoy these forgotten towns...

while hunting for vintage treasures!!!!

Look at this crazy 50's beach hat with a fishing rod on the top... unfortunatly it was not in good condition... but what a bargain!

You can always find so many incredible things in Antiques Malls...

Here is one of my craziest purchase of the trip... 
A 50's LAS VEGAS purse!!!
In mint condition, I could not have missed it... perfect for VIVA!

Have you ever been in Portland ?
Have you ever meet bloggers in real life ?


  1. What a delightful post! I am so glad that we were able to meet! It was such a pleasure and I am glad you had so much fun and found so many wonderful items! I can't wait to read more about your US trip!


  2. This post reminds me on how much I really really really need to go and visit Portland. Must put on my "vintage shopping" trip reminder list :) Great post!

    Liz :)

  3. Laurence and Sylvain,
    I'm so jealous, I live one state down from Oregon but have never been. Your pics show me what I'm missing out on. I too love Atomic Redhead's blog, I bet you girls had a blast shopping. Vintage shopping is a must whenever/wherever I travel. My treasures are my souvenirs and remind of the place I was at when I bought them. I also love to chat and get to know the store owners. They are always interesting people and are just as enthusiastic about vintage clothing as I am. I've never met a blogger in real life but have corresponded by email. I love the outfits that you packed for your trip, you've given me some ideas for my next vacation.
    Can't wait for your next post. XOXO LisaO

  4. I also recognized that there are lots of vintage bloggers from portland and that´s why i always wanted to go there... but then we decided to stay in san fran... so you lived my dream, and how :) show me more more more xxx

  5. What a super little post. As usual, you both look amazing. And I am now adding Portland to my shopping destination list.

  6. I live in the Portland area and am so happy you enjoyed your visit. Portland does have many interesting vintage shops located throughout and in the surrounding communities. My husband lived in Vernonia when he was a child. We visit there every year, but never went to Muffy's. I'll definitely give it a look. Thank you for sharing your wonderful style sense. It is always exquisite.

  7. I have met a few bloggers in "real life", planning on meeting more when I go to Australia in a few weeks! My daughter saw you at Viva Las Vegas but was too intimidated to say "Hi" : )

  8. Oh, what a fun time you had shopping in Portland. Did Sylvain buy the Gingerbread Man? :-)

    I adore border print skirts like Janey's wagon train skirt and your cat?/tiger? skirt.

  9. superbes photos ..j'aimerai bien une jupe avec des dessins 1950 comme toi ou ton amie…Je ne parle pas l'anglais quel poisse...

  10. You guys are so lucky!!! Portland is my dream US travel destination!!! It's a vintage Mecca and one I've been yearning to visit for many years now. I hope that Tony and I can follow in your footsteps in the coming years and finally make it there, too. It looks like you had a fabulous blast and found some awesome treasures. Congrats!!!

    Big hugs,
    ♥ Jessica

  11. great pictures ... hopefully you got the bag with the pooodles aswell.

    last year after our wedding in tacoma we went up route 101 to the beautiful town called astoria and seaside and passed tiny towns by the sea ... and in the woods up to portland. on this trip we found the best vintage pieces ... in portland itself i sadly didn't had much time to shop, bgecause we were mostels there to meet friend's of my husband - but i was lucky to stumble over simply vintage, wich i really loved. sara is such a great person ...

    i can't wait to see more posts about your trip ...

  12. Fabulous blog post, great pics and you both look so stylish. I was born and raised in Portland (I love it there so much!) and have lived there nearly all of my life, currently I live in a small town 25 miles west of Portland. Just prior to moving where I live now, I lived 3 blocks from Bombshell Vintage, which was a super location. This was such a great post about my home town, I loved reading it so much.

  13. Portland is my favorite place to go shopping!! My cousins and a few friends live there, so I am able to visit often. It's just the best place for vintage finds!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn