Friday, May 30, 2014

Getting OLDER...

Today is my birthday... 36 years old... I cannot believe it!

2001: my first vintage dress...

For that special day, I choose to share with you a little retrospective of my vintage years!

2002: somewhere in a flea market...

I have heard so much people saying that they don't wear vintage because they are too old...

2003: our first vintage festival RHYTHM RIOT...

But what is too old? I have often asked myself if I will feel one day too old to wear vintage.

2004: RHYTHM RIOT again...

Do I look or feel older as wearing vintage? I don't think so...

2005: don't remember where...

While looking at some old pictures of my early vintage life,
I'm liking to think that I have not change so much...

2006: going to my cousin's wedding...

I even like my actual style better... 

2007 : our last RHYTHM RIOT...

Almost all clothes on these pictures are still in my closet and still fit!

2008: Disneyland in L.A....

It's true that sometimes when I put my make-up on I feel sad to see one more wrinkle... as every women!

2009: Trip in England after the Rockabilly Rave...

 It's also true that I cannot anymore stay awake all night long while partying with friends... 
but afterall I have never been a night cat!

2010: Disneyland Paris...

Yes, I'm getting older... 
nobody will be able to do anything about that!

2011: Mexican party...

I think that vintage helps me to stay young: body and mind! 
Must be like a kind of non-sense...

2012: in our garden...

 Of course I sometime just want to stay in bed, looking at TV, eating cookies and wearing some large flanel pajamas...

2013: driving my '54 Bel Air...

But my love for vintage gives me strengh...
- to wake up early for flea markets, 
-  to try to look at my best when go out,
- to plan far away trips,
- to meet people who share the same interest,
- to keep the same size,
- to blog also!

2014: at the theater...

Vintage must be my fountain of youth!!!

How old are you my lovely followers?
Do you feel that vintage is not suitable for older people?

Salut tout le monde! C'est un jour un peu spécial pour moi aujourd'hui... c'est mon 36ème anniversaire! J'ai donc décidé de vous faire une petite rétrospective de mes années vintage. J'ai eu beaucoup de commentaires de personnes me disant "C'est vraiment super le vintage, mais je suis trop vieille pour ça!"... Trop vieille, où se trouve la barrière, vais-je un jour abandonner le vintage car je me sentirai trop vieille pour ça???
Je pense plutôt que pour moi, le vintage c'est comme une fontaine de jouvence! Quand je regarde ces vieux clichés, je ne me trouve pas si changée, voir même mieux maintenant qu'avant! Bien sûr quelques rides me rappelle que le temps passe... impossible de surmonter une nuit blanche comme avant... mais cette passion des 40's-50's m'aide à aller de l'avant et me motive à faire pleins de choses que j'aurais peut-être laissées aller avec l'âge!
Bref c'est peut-être un non-sens, mais le vintage rend jeune!!!
Et vous, combien de bougies cette année? Pensez-vous qu'il y a un âge où porter du vintage deviens ridicule?
- A+ -


  1. Happy, Happy Birthday!!! Sometimes I think the question should rather be, "Aren't you too YOUNG to wear vintage?" Many of the styles are far more sophisticated than contemporary clothing and can lend an air of maturity. I think you always look great and there Is no age limit for self expression. Enjoy you special day!

  2. Tillykke med fodselsdagen! Meaning congratulations on your birthday. And you don't look old dear, but I know all about your thoughts. I'm fifty, and really think about my vintage style. I try not to be to teenage styled (I hate when old people wearing too young styled clothed, which only makes them look much older), although I ADORE petticoats. But I don't want to look like a fifty year old lady from the fifties, back then you were really old if you were fifty. I think you are so absolutely right about having a passion keeps you young. Keep going, I haven't noticed a single wrinkle, dear. Wishing you a lovely day with lots of gifts and friends and family around you. :)

  3. Belated birthday wishes. I hope you had a wonderful day. Never too old for looking classy and classic. I am 58 and love wearing vintage or vintage style clothes and accessories. For me there is no alternative. When I look at contempory clothes for my age group I don't like them and know I would feel much older in them. People are always shocked when I tell them my age they think I'm 10years younger! That says a lot for my style I think.You always look amazing and wrinkles? No way your skin is beautiful as are you!

  4. Bon anniversaire! Wishing you a beautiful day filled with love and happiness. You always look divine, and I say - keep wearing and dressing in what makes you smile & sparkle! X x X

  5. Déjà bon anniversaire. Je tombe des nues, j'étais persuadée, je ne sais pas pourquoi, que tu avais au moins 6 ou 5 ans de moins. Je me sens rassurée, moi qui vais fêter mes 37 ans (chut, ne le dis à personne ;-), dans quelques jours. C'est marrant, je me suis déjà fait la réflexion de l'âge. Est-ce en vieillissant, nous habiller en vintage, ne va nous desservir ? Est-ce que arrivé à 40-45 ans, nos tenues ne vont pas faire "mémères" ? Et au final, je me rend compte que plus le temps avance, plus goûts s'affinent, nos convictions se renforcent et nos tenues deviennent élégantes et féminines. J’arrêterais de m'habiller vintage quand je sentirais que ce n'est plus pour moi. Me rhabiller dans des vêtements qui n'ont ni tenue, ni forme, je ne suis pas encore prête. Alors vive le vintage et ne changeons rien. Et encore bon anniversaire. Bisous
    PS : j'adore la tenue de 2006. et le commentaire de Suse et très rassurant.

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  7. Joyeux anniversaire Laurence !!!
    Pour répondre à ton sujet je pense qu'il n'y a pas d'âge pour vivre une passion telle qu'elle soit. Si tu devais t'habiller autrement parce que tu es trop vieille ça ne serait pas toi et au fond de toi je pense que tu serais mal à l'aise. Dans ton cas je ne pense pas que cette question se pose tu n'as rien de décaler à mon sens tu as choisi de vivre 40's / 50's au 21ème siècle et je trouve que ça match plutôt bien. L'essentiel étant d'être en phase avec soi-même.
    Et pour moi cette année c'est 41 bougies ;-)

  8. Happy Birthday!! I think what's great about wearing vintage is that you can wear it at any age! I think my style will probably change a little as I get older but I know I'll always love the 1950s! If you still love the era then there is no reason to stop wearing the clothes :)

  9. Bon anniversaire! C'est intéressant de voir cette évolution, je pense aussi qu'il n'y a pas d'âge pour ce style, il suffit de faire ce qu'on aime = )

  10. You're never too old for anything as long as it makes you happy and smile! :) Happy birthday! You look gorgeous, now and then :)

    ~ Sesame

  11. Happiest birthday!! I turned 22 in april, and I've been loving vintage since 2009:) I think vintage clothings are for all ages, nobody's too old (or too young) to wear vintage:) and you look absolutely gorgeous in vintage, it really suits you !!

  12. Happy birthday, dear girl! I will be 40 this year and am still head over heels in vintage. Style evolves, even vintage style. I am still the same dress size I was 20 years ago, but i wouldn't now go out in vintage hot pants and cropped tops. I would still wear the shorts, but maybe with a long sleeved blouse and a cardi. I've noticed that slightly cleaner lines and less garish prints work better as I march hrough the years. In my 20s my dresses were all about big novelty prints. Now I gravitate more towards a late 50s cleaner look. Vintage should be about staying true to your style and tweaking this along the years. After all, not everybody in the 50s was under the age of 35! Besides, there is nothing more ageing than shapeless lycra....and, last but not least, dressing well is not about looking young, but about looking fabulous! And you DO look fabulous!

  13. Happy birthday to you!!!! Honestly, there are certain items of vintage clothing that I would not wear when I get older, just like with clothes in general. Likewise, there are also a lot of types of vintage dresses which make me feel grannyish as a young woman! However, there are a lot of pieces which are timeless and can be worn by anyone at any age.

  14. Very happy birthday to you!! I don't think anyone is too old for vintage. It's not something that has to do with age it's all in how you feel! I've seen some ladies well into their 70s and older look fabulously stylish. This weekend, I met a lady who was probably in her 40s working at a repro shop who looked adorable in her polka dot dress and pearls but was obviously out of her element and uncomfortable. I think as long as you feel good in what you're wearing, you look good too!!

  15. Happy Birthday, dear Laurence! I hope you have a lovely day. This is a great post - I don't think once can ever be too old for vintage, so long as the look always has some class. And you're one of the classiest vintage gals I know (well, know online if you get what I mean!) It would be wonderful to meet you in person one day. Best wishes to you xx

  16. Darling girl, you really don't look a day older than 28! I didn't know your age until today and I always thought you were still in your twenties. Vintage must be your fountain of youth then! ;-)

    This year in January I turned 27. I hated it and I hate growing older. I also hate the fact that I hate growing older, and so I am trying to learn to embrace it; life doesn't stop when you hit 30.

    I already said it, but I say it again: Happy birthday! I hope you have a marvelous day dear Laurence.


    P.S: I don't think people can be too old to wear vintage. As long as it makes you smile, then go with it.

  17. Happy Birthday! I just loved seeing your retrospective. It may be vintage you are wearing but you also have a great sense of style. This is what sets you apart from becoming "too old". Looking back at all of your wonderful photographs you are so well presented and really look lovely in your color combinations. I am going to be 44 this year and honestly, I think just like our vintage counterparts there are certain things that I wouldn't wear as a 44 year old, like very short skirts or shorts lol. You have such a wonderful wardrobe and sense of style that I can quite image you looking just as grand at 80.

  18. Happy Birthday! :D You are definitely not to old to be wearing vintage! Personally, I think vintage (particularly the 40s styles) can actually make you look younger than you are rather than making you look old. I hope to see you sporting vintage for many many years to come!

  19. Happy Birthday, Lovely Lady! Don't worry about ever becoming too old to wear vintage style. You have a face that will always look younger than you are, and your style of dress is elegant with a touch of fun that you can't grow out of.


    what a wonderful post! thank you so much about taking us on a little trip through your vintage life. it's great to hear, that most of the dresses you once bought are still in your wardrobe!

    I can't wait to start with you (both) in another year of vintage adventures! thanks for sharing!

    wardrobe experience

  21. Happy birthday! I think it would be fun to dress vintage all the time. I wouldn't know where to find the clothes though to fit me.

  22. First of all…Joyeux Anniversaire!
    I turned 22 this year and I've been interested in the vintage scene since I was a teen, but it's been 4 years since I first decided to wear like that. Once you find your true style, age doesn't matter. As long as you feel comfortable with it and proud of who you are…Don't change!
    Keep up with this style, it fits you very well! <3

  23. Dear Laurence,
    Someone once said "Age is just a number" I've met people my own age (45) who are just frumpy, have no passion or interest in life. And I've met older people who have a "lust for life" It's how you feel on the inside and I think people treat you accordingly.
    Wearing vintage has taken me out of my comfort zone and challenges me to look my best. When you look good, you feel good :) People respond to that. It's classy at any age! So dear girl never stop wearing vintage and never stop writing your blog. You are a big inspiration for me!
    Wonderful Post...thank you for being so honest and open. XOXO LisaO

  24. Happy Birthday! I don't think anyone is too old to wear vintage! There is something about vintage that gives one the air of sophistication, no matter the age. It makes younger people look "grown up" and older people "young". This is because there is something that makes it "classic" and timeless, you know? Take someone like Audry Hepburn - she was such an elegant lady, right up into her "older" years, or Grace Kelly, Lauren Bacall, Ingrid Bergman... A woman that dresses with class, grace and elegance and who puts in the time to look good and beautiful, will be that classic, timeless woman, no matter the age. My own mother was one such woman, as was HER mother. They took pride in their appearance and were both well groomed and dressed - for every occasion. Think of it also like your classic cars - they are "old" but when they are well cared for, well maintained and well looked after, they never grow old - they look as good as they did when they came off the assembly line back in '57 or what ever year (LOVE your Bel Air by the way!).

    I am 44 and in some ways I "feel old" but in other ways I still feel like that young kid or young adult that I was 20-30 years ago! It's all in one's state of mind and perspective on life! Life really is too short to worry about age - just enjoy life, live it to its fullest and love every minute you have to experience it! :)

  25. Happy Birthday! We are almost the same age! I will turn 36 this August ;) Love seeing your photos from throughout the years. One is never too old for vintage! Hope you enjoy your special day!

  26. Thank you for the heartfelt post! I am in my 50's, and I'm just starting to feel daring enough to go full throttle vintage!

  27. A very happy birthday to you. I'm 52 and wear vintage every day, for me it makes me feel younger than I really am and hopefully look younger as people are often surprised when they find out my true age. Doing what makes you feel good inside in my opinion takes years of you anyway. My advice would be do whatever makes you happy.

  28. Happy Birthday! Great to see your vintage journey over the past few years. I don't think anyone is too old to wear vintage, especially not if you enjoy it!

  29. Happy birthday!!!!
    I'm 33 and am often told I look younger. I do think vintage can make a person look younger, but maybe because you're not copying the latest fashion trends, so they have nothing to compare you with. I have found myself actually much more comfortable in full on vintage in my thirties than I was in my twenties. I think age brings a level of ease and confidence in one's self that cannot be acquired any other way.
    And you do NOT look a bit old to me, just very beautiful, elegant, and timeless.

  30. Happy Birthday, gorgeous! I´m some years older than you and say: as long as we look well-groomed - everything is possible fashion wise :) xxx

  31. Happy birthday! I will be 36 in one week, so we share the same star sign!
    l think dressing and shopping vintage keeps the young girl in me alive!!

  32. Happy Birthday Honey.

    I´m 24 and think I´ll never be to old for vintage.

    xoxo Perlchen Noir

  33. Happy birthday!

    I'm 40 and I love vintage - I don't think a person's ever too old for anything. Fun doesn't stop when wrinkles appear. (In fact, the older you get, the more fun you should try to have, because you've got less time to have fun in!)

  34. Happy Belated Birthday! I'm a vintage wearing newbie at 46 and loving every minute of it.

  35. Joyeux anniversaire Laurence! Tu es sublime ne change absolument rien. Et en aucun cas tu es trop "vieille" pour ce syle vestimentaire et ton mode de vie c'est ridicule d'ailleurs de penser cela:-)! Biz lorraine

  36. I love this post, I wrote a similar one on my blog in March when I turned 36. I only started wearing vintage a lot about 2 years ago, I feel confident as Ive grown older and I have more funds now to devote to building a wardrobe. I don't feel too old for vintage, but I worry a littlee I might. I think I look fairly young, as do you, and I feel young and happy in vintage and why not? I think there is a lot of shame attatched to getting older in the western world which is frankly ridiculous. I plan to wear vintage for the rest of my life, which Im lucky will be for many many many decades to come.

    retro rover

  37. You are a youngster! I am 65 and wear some vintage, especially accessories. At my age, I do have to be careful to not look frumpy. Key is staying fit and healthy. But, that is the case with modern clothes too. Many vintage items are classics and suit anyone anytime. I admire your style and your ability to disregard modern trends and wear what you enjoy and connect with. Enjoy another year of looking young and lovely as you always do.

  38. We share the same birth date, but I am one year older! Vintage is our fountain of youth!! ;) You look lovelier and lovelier each year!!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn