Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Never enough PINK!!!!

And some other pictures from late september...

that was one of the first day that really smelled fall...

first autum leaves...

a bit of sun but too chilly to go out without a jacket!

A perfect Pendleton weather!

I love the colors of this jacket...

Quite Xmassy, love red and green!!!

but I also LOVE pink!

Not really a autumnal color, but who cares.

I wanted to wear that skirt on that day...

A novelty print with kind of bavarian characters,

Perfect for an Oktoberfest mood!

We must enjoy our vintage cars,

they will soon stay in our garage to sleep until next spring!

I have had a few problems with my Chevy lately...

we were supposed to go to Disneyland in september with it...

but it decided not to go...

after that it stopped in the middle of the highway because of a coil problem...

even if it's quite reliable...

you never know what will hapenned with a vintage car!

and with 4 in the garage, it's worse!

Fortunatly I have my husband...

and mainly my father to work on them!

Yes, Sylvain is like me...

he prefers to drive than to work on cars!

Here are a few details in my outfit:

Little felt brooch...

vintage lucite bracelets...

50's box purse...

vintage white sweater...

pink snood and matching flowers...

and .... PINK... shoes!!!!

For Sylvain's outfit...

2 tones shoes...

light color vintage slacks...

pink vintage shirt...

and why not a palm tree 40's tie???

and I wanted to share finally this Instagram picture of that day!

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Allez, encore quelques photos datant de quelques semaines... les prémisses de l'automne, les feuilles commencent à rougir... malgré quelques rayons de soleil, la petite laine est de rigueur... un temps parfait pour sortir une veste Pendleton!
Pour moi, rose, rose, rose.... même si ce n'est pas vraiment une couleur automnale, le rose est toujours un bon choix pour moi... j'adore le rose!
Dernières sorties en voitures anciennes avant de les remiser pour l'hiver... pas toujours facile de prendre la route avec ces vieilles ladies capricieuses, elles peuvent nous jouer des tours pas toujours très marrants... mais, bon, on leur pardonne vu leur grand âge! Ma Chevy a tout de même fêté ces 60 ans l'année passée!
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  1. I love that you are still wearing spring colors. I've been leaning towards shades of yellow lately. But I love throwing "non-seasonal" colors in the mix. You both look lovely!

  2. You and Hubby look so dapper! Just love the sense of style you guys have, it's so cute :) xx

  3. Wonderfully pretty outfit! I adore pink, too. It's my favourite colour and will always be. No matter how I get, I'll keep wearing it and love finding ways to make it work in autumn and winter, too. With dark neutrals it's a feminine, glamorous fashion treat.

    Tons of hugs & happy last week of October wishes to you both!
    ♥ Jessica

  4. Very pretty! I've been wearing more pink lately after pretty much swearing it off for a few years. I really like pink and navy and I don't like pink and brown so I think that was my problem.

  5. Lovely outfits - I so enjoy the details such as the sequins on your bird brooch going with the rhinestones in the lucite bangles. The pink toned with the olive green works so well and Sylvain is always so smart. Thanks for sharing

  6. I love the combination of colors together! Pink is such a fun color, isn't it? Both of your outfits are great! I especially love your shoes and bracelets. The felt brooch is super cute too.

  7. I love the pink shoes! I like your car very much too. My husband works on cars as his profession and he does not like to work on vintage cars, so I do not have one, but it certainly is cute. I wondered how do you get around in the winter if you do not use your vintage cars? Is the winter too hard on them? I would like to know more about that.

  8. The husband would love to get me (us) a vintage car but he can't work on them. I can't work on them ... In my opinion, if you can't help yourself with repairing an old car, you better shouldn't have one ... This is what I tell him all the time, when he starts eyeing on vintage cars again.
    I remember how it was owning a vintage 80ccm Vespa as a teen and I always needed to get help when she got sick .... And she got sick once in a while. ;)

    xx from Berlin

  9. OMG, the palm tree tie is absolutely adorabel ...

  10. J'ai beau ne pas aimer du tout le rose personnellement, j'aime beaucoup la tenue que vous portez. La jupe est vraiment adorable, et les chaussures super mignonnes. Quant à la broche, je suis fan.
    Comme truc tout bête, j'aime beaucoup aussi les bas/collant(?) que vous portez... Vous les achetez où?

  11. Lovely skirt and the cutest pink shoes. Is the dog yours? :)

  12. Sylvain's got great style, you guys really capture the era. looking so good.

    umhomemnacidade twitter

  13. so pretty in pink, et bien sur rouge et vert aussi! dommage pour la voiture, elle est très belle de toute façon. malheureusement je ne suis pas sur instagram - je dois avouer je n'ai pas de smartphone

  14. You have the prettiest pictures!
    Both of you are great with camera, and therefore your photos look amazing. Must be fun to have a "couples" shoot. :)
    The bird brooch is adorable - looking at it gave me an inspiration: since there's such a small chance of me fining one, I'll make it myself. :)