Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Never enough RED !!!

It's not vacation yet for us....

but soon... really soon!

Here are a few pictures taken in Luxembourg city.

Even if we live in France, it's the closest big city near home.

I have a color that I particulary LOVE!


I'm always hunting for more red for my wardrobe...

I think this color suit me really well.

Even with other colors, I like to highlight my outfits with red touches!

But it's quite a hard color to find on a dress.

So when I found this 50's dress on Etsy a few weeks ago...

it was like finding my unicorn!!!

It is like new, I don't think it was even worn once.

Red, white and black...

A perfect combo!

I dared to wear my red 50's cateyes glasses!

I found this Marie-Christine brooch in Paris last May.

My birthday present is SO cute!

Never bored to carry him around!!!

We named him Tobby!!!

My lovely earrings are from a french brand that you must discover:

I really like those shoes from Miss L Fire.

Most of the time I like what my husband is wearing...

Nice colors harmony...

Incredible 40's ties...

Great details...

but I was not so sure about one of the accessory he chose to wear on that day!

Can you guess what???

These really odd 50's sunglasses!

He think they are really cool... I think they are silly...

They recall him those 3D glasses worn in 50's drive-in movies theater!

You know there was always a guy in 50's teenage movies wearing those kind of glasses... even not at the drive-in theaters!

With 50's glasses, the border between bad taste and good one is thin... even for women cateyes!

What is you favorite color ?
What do you think about my hubby's glasses ?

Même si ce n'est pas encore les vacances, ça ne devrait plus tarder... au moins la météo permet enfin de petites promenades sympa! Ici, une petite escapade à Luxembourg, la plus grande ville proche de la maison. L'occasion d'inaugurer ma nouvelle robe 50's! ROUGE!!! L'une de mes couleurs préférées! Je suis toujours à la recherche de plus de rouge dans ma garde robe... pas facile d'en dégoter, alors quand j'ai trouvé cette robe magnifique sur Etsy, ce fût le coup de coeur!!!
En général, j'aime beaucoup comment mon mari s'habille... jolies couleurs, cravates audacieuses, détails pensés... mais là, je sois dire que j'ai eu un doute sur son choix du jour... ses lunettes de soleil!!! La frontière entre bon goût et mauvais goût en matière de lunettes 50's est mince...
- A bientôt - 


  1. Le rouge te scie à merveille!

    Bel été à vous 2.


  2. You look so lovely in red and I adore your hair down in that style!

  3. Love the red on you...but I must say most colors look good on you! Your dog bag is so cute. I will stay out of your glasses dispute because I don't want to take sides. ;)

  4. Love the red on you...but I must say most colors look good on you! Your dog bag is so cute. I will stay out of your glasses dispute because I don't want to take sides. ;)

  5. What a fantastic dress!!!!
    My favourite colour on me is actually blue .... many shades of blue. Red and blue together is even better .... :)

  6. My favourite colour is purple. Not always easy to find on a dress either. I love your handbag and your husband's tie... Not sure about the crazy specs. 😁

  7. The outfits are beautiful. I love red too. The bag is amazing

  8. Lovely dress for walking the dog! :) I'm with you about Sylvain's glasses, they don't add to his sex appeal. ;) Have a lovely day, both of you. :)

  9. Love this dress on you and your hair looks great! I'm always looking for more red dresses but can never find many around

  10. Red looks marvelous on you! It's one of my all-time favourite colours, too (I even wrote a post a while back about how it's one of my signature colours), and I find that I reach for it quite evenly handedly all year round, but especially in the winter, when it partners with black, red, grey and/or white to become my unofficial winter uniform. :)

    You guys both look fabulous and I agree that red is a breathing colour on you, dear Laurence.

    xoxo ♥ Jessica

  11. What a beautiful dress, and I'm loving your brooch and super cute handbag! xxx

  12. Comme toujours très belle, la coleur rouge est perfecte pour toi. Ma coleur préféré est le rose, j´adore!
    Pour les lunettes de ton mari... bon personalement je les trouve bizarres aussi mais ils ont une cote ammussante :-)
    Pour moi les vacances ont commencé le 1er de Julliet, je vais être licencié en Novembre et même si je suis "encore" dans la compagnie, je suis dispensé d´y aller. Bon, reste toujours trouver un autre travail à Lux. Pour le moment je profite du bon temp :-)
    Eva (from Luxembourg/Germany)

  13. I love this outfit! But what I can't get over is that dog purse!! What a treasure!!!


  14. Glorious outfit, red, black and white are my favourite colours, oh, and purple :)

    I instantly thought of those 3D glasses when I saw your husbands specs!

  15. WOW! I just found your blog and let me just say; I LOVE IT. Lots of love from sweden vintage-sister!