Friday, June 1, 2012

In British Press...

I had a good surprise today. I found a picture of my car and me published in the british magazine "Automobile" April 2012 issue.

I made a short shooting with Martyn Goddard, a british photographer, last september during a festival in Disneyland Paris. You can learn more and see my pictures of this amazing week-end there.

I was Mickey's guest for 3 days with my '54 Chevy...

These pictures colors are not quite common.
I bought these dress about 5 years ago in Rhythm Riot, my hat comes from a vintage shop somewhere between Boston and NY.

And here is my favorite ones with more true colors...

Have you ever been pictured in foreign press?
Do you like these pictures?




  1. Love the pictures - you look stunning as usual, as does the car!

  2. Gorgeous pictures! You and your husband have a great style! I check your blog very often for the inspiration.

  3. très jolie photo.