Saturday, April 13, 2013

Back to WINTER...

You will see at the first picture that this post is not a part of our Californian trip!!!

It was last sunday just a few days after our arrival...

after 3 weeks of warm sun we were hoping to see our garden with flowers and enjoy spring at home...

but we only found what we left weeks ago... WINTER, COLD and even SNOW!!!

But to avoid blues after returning to work we had not to forget our best habit...


We had sun but it was frozing (-4°C...)!

We was in Belgium for one of the first events of the year!

I only found a few things...

A 40's umbrella and a cute 50's straw purse!

Sylvain saw some interesting stuffs but didn't buy them...

we saw that AMAZING 50's "tapisserie" made by Jean Picard Le Doux, we already own one but this one was really OVERPRICED!!!

That feels quite strange to pass from bathing suit to huge wool coat...

going back to warm boots and wool stockings!!!

But the best part is that we will not have to wait one year to wear our new US purchases for winter!!!

This 40's wool suit was my last purchase...

bought in Viva Las Vegas waiting for the last minute sales!!!

Sylvain wore one of these new 50's pants.

and his brand new REMIX shoes!

We found so many nice stuff that we had to buy one more suitcase to come back!!!

I love the color of this suit but I was hesitating because that kind of suits doesn't suit curvy gals most of the time...

This 40's hat come from Hershey Car Show 2010, earrings just purchase at an US Antique Mall for less than $5.

When will we able to enjoy our new spring/summer outfits???

Is it still winter where you live?
Do you wear vintage knitted suits?


  1. The purse that you found is amazing.

  2. Always nice to see what you are wearing for colder weather! The suit is really nice!

  3. Love that purse! Your husband looks great in the letterman's sweater. It's been overcast in Los Angeles for a few days now. I'm trying to enjoy it and not complain. I know soon it'll be over 100 degrees.

  4. Love your sweater suit! It looks great on you!

  5. I live in southeastern USA, and it is still unpredictable these days. This morning I needed heat, now I'm running the Air Conditioning. I have more clothes for cool weather it seems so I'm hoping to get some more wear out of them before it gets too hot. I don't have a wool suit, but I love the color of yours and it looks great on you!

  6. You both look sensational! I love that you braved the nippy below freezing temps to visit the flea markets that day - I would completely do the same thing if we had any during the colder months around these parts, too.

    ♥ Jessica

  7. I think the wool suit looks great on you. The colour is fabulous.

  8. I can relate to this post - has still been very cold in Grenoble, but I am off to Portland and LA next week. Yay! That wool suit looks great on you. You have inspired me to buy one also. It actually really suits you (I am also curvy and have been a bit scared of those suits). It is very flattering and shows off your 1950s bombshell figure beautifully.

  9. Great purse you found! We also came back to winter... and like you, I could use my newly purchased winter outfits.
    Looking forward to spring and summer!

  10. It's definitely strange being back in the cold weather...but at least you have a lovely warm coat!!! I need to get a long coat like this one - it looks so cozy!

    That purse with the berries is a great find!!!! xx

  11. You're outfit is stunning!

  12. I really like your pink coat, this color suits you very well.
    Where in Belgium was this fleamarket?

  13. J'adore ton ensemble en maille ! Canon !
    Pour ma part je n'ai pas encore sauté le pas, j'ai peur qu'avec cette matière très près du corps je n'assume pas de montrer mes rondeurs....