Sunday, April 21, 2013

SUMMER time = NEW SHOES !!!!

First I want to thanks everybody that are following this blog... I saw on our FACEBOOK page this week-end that we received more than 1000 "likes"!!! That's becoming CRAZY!

Thanks guys, we love you! I must also tell you that I read all your messages/comments and they make my day... even if I don't have time to answer to all of them, I really appreciate them and try to improve this blog to thank you!

So here are a couple of pictures that I really like!

That was last sunday... yes, I'm a little late on my posts... I still have so much to share about our US trip... you will have to be patient...
So last sunday was a busy day!

We start with some flea markets early in the morning with friends.
We also visited a place with vintage trains.

We were really surprised by the weather....

More than 20°C with a bright sun!!!!

We tought: "YES, it's already SUMMER!!!"

So I could not kept my new pair of MISS L FIRE shoes unworn!!!

They are from their new Spring/Summer collection and called TIJUANA!

They are gorgeous, aren't they?

With my friend Vincent....

We were all the afternoon at a vintage car show in Luxembourg organized by our friends of ACES DE LUXE.

I was allowed to try this amazing 30's car!

It matched perfectly my outfit!!! 

My dress is a new purchase from our last trip.
Sylvain always have a large smile when he is surrounded with vintage american cars!

We will also organized with our car club an EVENT in June, so if you live near Lorraine, come to see us at CRY BABY!!!

I really love red and plaid!

Have you ever see a dress with cuff links!!! Eiffel Tower ones found in a german flea market, in fact 2 pairs... Sylvain was wearing the same ones!!! 

I must tell you that I was excited to receive a few months ago an e-mail from Miss L Fire team!!!
They told me that they love my blog and that they wanted my to choose a pair in their new collection as a present!!!!

All their shoes are so nice that it was hard to choose, that's why I not only choose one pair, but TWO! You will see the other one when sun will come back! 

Even with a hot weather, Sylvain cannot let down his 40's ties...

Yes, it was winter a day ago and a few hours later, it was SUMMER!

These pictures can have been shoot in a Californian desert, aren't they?

I found this dress in a cheap vintage shop with thousand and thousand items from the 70's to the 80's... but I found some true treasures for unbelievable prices!
Look at this incredible 50's pram!!!

There was also an inside swap meet,

 where I found 2 vintage 50's umbrellas. I must think about a post to share my umbrellas collection.

We ended this beautiful day with a Lincoln drive!

What are you thinking about my new shoes?
Are you enjoying the first sunny days of the year?


  1. I love your new shoes! Such a lovely color. The cufflinks are a nice addition to your dress!

  2. Looking lovely! x

  3. Gorgeous outfit, I love the red and green together <3

  4. Stunning outfits you both wearing! Yep,20° and more feel like midsummer already :-)

  5. Fun, fun, fun! Love the shoes! How cute is that pram! You all are dressed so nicely and I love the Eiffel Tower links!

  6. THOSE SHOES! I also love your purse. Miss L Fire knows what's up!!! Great photos. I love the last one, you guys look like you are having a great time :)

  7. Wowzers, honey, those shoes are nothing short of spectacular! I'm sure they'll feature heavily in my vintage shoe daydreams from here on out! Stellar outfit from head-to-toe, you always put together the most fantastic looks!!!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. I am so glad that the weather is heating up! I love your dress! As a matter of fact, I have a similar one, and now I am on the hunt for cufflinks! How perfect!!


  9. That last picture is so sweet! It looks like you had a really fun day out! I am so pleased that the weather is getting nicer - it made such a difference having sunshine and warmer weather this weekend....I hope it continues!

  10. oh wow what a beautiful lady! that tartan dress looks fabulous and gosh i´m in love with your shoes!!! glad i found your blog darling!

  11. i would enjoy the sunny days if i wouldn't spent 10-12 hours a day in the office! good to see you guys having a nice day in the springy sun.
    laurence, i really live your dress. i would wear it right away - of course the lovely wedges aswell.