Monday, September 30, 2013

"L" like ... LEOPARD???

After some rainy days, sun finally came back...

so I wanted to wear a bit more my vintage floral dresses!!!
This 50's dress was one of my first purchases on Ebay many years ago....
but it stayed in my closet many years after having been enjoyed in  the early years of my love for vintage.
I loved its pattern and colors so I never feel like selling it... but what was the problem with this dress???

The skirt was too short! A previous owner unfortunatly shorten it! I HATE when that happen... so I finally wanted to try to restore the original lenght...
I chose a new purchase to match this colorfull dress!
That's a vintage 50's sweater from Ethel - Beverly Hills!
"L" like..... Laurence of course!
Or perhaps like... LEOPARD!!!
For my new Miss L Fire heels!
I was waiting for her new A/W collection but I must tell you that I was a bit dissapointed, it is much more inspired by the 30's! A lot of nice shoes but most of them will not suit my style.
I prefered their previous collection so I choose to offer me an old model instead of a new one!
I loved these leopard shoes last year but thought I would not be able to match them with anything but I was wrong! They are just so cute and well done!!! 

But I also want one or two pairs of their 2013 design...
let's wait for Xmas :-)

I have always wanted a sweater with my initial...  :-)

 Quite a spring look to enter fall!

Do you often change lenght of your vintage skirts?
What do you think about the new A/W Miss L Fire Collection?



  1. Oh my!! Can I come live at your house?! I am in love!! <3 <3 <3
    And the L sweater is amazing!! My grandma's name was Lucille so I have a huge adoration for all things initialed "L"! ;)
    Annnnndddd! That Poodle purse!!! I am dying over it! If you ever want to sell it, drop me a line!
    As always, I am so incredibly inspired by you. Thank you for another amazing post!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn

  2. Your sweater is so adorable!!!
    I had to resew lots of dresses, I always check if there´s enough fabric left to make them longer :-)

  3. I want your sweater!!!! How gorgeous is that! And I am one of those annoying people who always shorten dresses. I am quite small and anything below knee length ages me by decades, so I take most things up. I usually leave all the fabric so the next owner can reverse my sins. And yes, I am not keen on the be Miss L Fire collection, either. I really wanted to buy something, but went for second hand Chie Miharas instead!

  4. oh that sweater is lovely, I think Ethel of beverly hills made some fabulous ones!! I hear you on the skirts...always relieved to find some extra inches in the hems for my customers....

  5. I like the new Miss L Fire collection, but my tastes are for earlier styles.

    Your outfit looks lovely, but the thing that really amazed me was your house! I read a lot of blogs, but I don't think I've seen anyone with such beautiful furniture before.

  6. Love you sweater, its lovely! I must admit, I also take up my dresses as I'm quite petite but always make sure that I leave the excess fabric so they can be taken back down again. Loving your adorable house, you really do have a wonderfully styled place. xx

  7. Your outfits never cease to make my head swoon, knees go weak, and heart skip a few beats, and this fantastically pretty floral print, leopard shoe, and monogram sweater ensemble is no exception. That truly is one of the coolest, most beautiful vintage cardigans I've ever seen. Happiest congrats on finding such a gem featuring your first initial, dear gal!

    ♥ Jessica

  8. L for Lovely Laurence. Love that dress, bu you always look so great. :)

  9. Love your blog! :)
    What a beautiful cardigan with such details.
    I love your leopard shoes too! xx

  10. Loving the pictures, dear!
    Now, to answer your question:
    I have realized (long time ago) that there was a "1930's revival"in the second half of the 1970's. OK, 1976 and 1977 to be exact.. and I found the old sewing magazines from that time that prove me right.
    But, we don't stop there.
    My mom used to sew her own skirts. There's an "aha!" moment here... all I needed to do was: shorten the skirt made in 1976. and I get perfect fit (fortunately, mom & I have the same figure)


  11. Laurence, Love the sweater!! We both have the same first name initials so I'm ultra jealous. Uumm, regarding dress/skirt lengths, unfortunately, I'm rather short 5'2, so most of the times I do have to change the length. I really try hard not to cut the dress/skirt in case I ever want to part with it. I don't ever hem them myself, I have it professionally done. Love the shoes and your outfits inspire me. XOXO LisaO

  12. ha, your L-sweater is so pretty.
    some leopard prints can be perfectly mixed with any other print ... other leopard prints look loud and bold even being paired with monochrome black. your new little shoes look fabulous!

  13. Fabulous photos, Laurence!!! Your home is so lovely!!! And I adore your sense of style...those leopard shoes are magnifique!!! I always love checking in on your blog, it makes me so happy! Thanks so much for sharing all of the fun with us! Bises!

  14. Your dress has such a pretty print. It can be so annoying when items have been shortened. Love your chunky cardigan.

  15. J'aime votre blog! Vos chaussures sont très belles!