Saturday, January 21, 2012


I noticed that a lot of girls interested with vintage clothes are quite curvy... I think I also like to wear vintage from the 40's-50's because of my curves. I cannot understand people who are following today's fashion without asking themselves if these kind of cuts can fit or not their body... Wearing a low waist jeans with a quite prominent belly is something horrible to watch!!!!!

You must wear clothes that put your body in value and not beautiful clothes that make you look awful!!!

I have always be a quite curvy girl and was quite common girl before wearing vintage and always had a complex about my weight... Choosing to be a vintage look girl made this complex decreased and I cannot go out now without some people stop me on the street to tell me how amazing and elegant I can be!!! A lot of men love curvier girls, isn't it?

It's always funny to see on vintage magazines articles about how to gain weight!!! Dieting was not really popular mainly in Europe just after the war....

The only thing that makes me hate to be a curvy girl is all those small sizes in vintage clothes from the 40's-50's!!!! Most of the clothes I like have something like a 26'' waist (must be the most common size of this era)... I always dream on Ebay or Etsy in front of those tiny circle skirts or beautiful 40's suits...
I manage to find a lot of clothes in my size but most of the time they are less fun... larger sizes were often worn by older ladies in the 40's-50's that's what I think. Moreover there is a big price difference between a 24'' waist dress and a 32''!!!!

I'm also quite fed up with vintage sellers who tag a 28'' waist like a L!!!! For me it's a small M!!! If 28'' waist is large I must be a XXL!!!!!!!

I think that vintage clothes also help me to keep about the same weight the 10 past years!!! I have now built a complete wardrobe of this era: for summer, for winter, for beach, for parties...  enough to make me not want to loose all these treasures because of some overweight!!!! So about once a year I'm dieting. Not the diet with only green vegetables or only proteins to loose about 30kg in 2 weeks, just being more carefull about what I eat. I don't want to loose 10 kg either because my dresses would not fit either.... :-) or using medicals!

So just follow the basic rules:

Here is what I eat during my diet:

    * some cereals (less than 50g) with milk
    * coffee or tea (with no sugar)
    * 100g of meat/fish or 80g of sausages or ham
    * vegetables
    * 120g of pasta or bread or rice or any cereals
    * 1 fruit
    * 1 yaourt or 30g of cheese
    * vegetables
    * 120g of pasta or bread or rice or any cereals
    * 1 fruit
    * 1 yaourt or 30g of cheese

Follow this for about 2 weeks and you will loose about one clothes size and feel much better! You can choose every fruits, vegetables, cereals or cheese you like and never feel hungry!!! Quite hard to begin but after you will ask yourself "Why did I not start it early? So easy!!!"

Sport can also help you to stay healthy... but I HATE sport and I'm 40 hours full time busy worker so my work is my sport because I'm a Land Surveyor...

So to resume, if you are healthy be proud of your curves and choose the best style for your body!!! You don't need to be skinny like today models to be beautiful and sexy! If your favorite dress begin to be a bit too tight follow my little diet and you will be able to enjoy your full vintage wardrobe!!!!
Did you choose vintage because of your curves?
Have you ever dieting to be able to wear again one of your precious vintage treasures?


  1. I love this post! I started wearing vintage because it seems more curvy gal friendly. The skirts help to cover up a big butt and hips and I just feel more elegant and put together in vintage. I recently had to pack up some thing that are a bit on the too small side. I hope to lose some weight soon so I can fit into them again!! :)

  2. I love vintage because you can pick with fits you. I'm curvy so I gravitate towards the 40s and 50s, but less curvy gals can pick the 20s or 60s. I currently have a couple pieces that are a bit tight and I hate to damage a piece by wearing it when it's too small! So far I've had good luck with cutting down on my carbs and trying to get a good balance of everything else.

  3. I don't believe it !
    I am trying to eat healthy right now.. and I don't see any changes... Eat less meat and carbohydrates and more fruits/vegs and loads of proteins... I wish I could loose one size in 2 weeks !!

    1. Last year it work for me and the previous one also.... (you can lose about 4kg and not gain them in the following week) and I ate all what I wanted during the year, of course not Cream cakes everyday!!!

  4. I am a very tall gal at 6 feet so a lot of the vintage does not fit me (stupid 26-30" waists). I always urn for those fab vintage looks but I never fit them in the bust or waist ... and always the length. When I do find something that fits I pay a pretty penny. Hence, the reason why I make most of my clothes. I always joke about having a perfect 26" waist but there is no way.

  5. Dont feel bad about the tiny waist sizes of vintage clothes - remember a lot of ladies were still corseted at this time!!

    I think vintage 40s and 50s is a lovely look for curvy girls. I love a fit-and-flare 50s circle dress, but I feel amazing in a pencil skirt or a wiggle dress. Does my butt look big in this? Yes! Does my butt look great in this? Hell yes!!!

  6. I agree with the sellers listing a large with a 28" waist, that is just crazy.

  7. I used to have a 26 inch waist (36 bust)- back when I was 17! And I thought I was fat then! Five children and 3 decades later it has changed a bit (44 bust and I don't worry any more). I could lose weight, but I love food and wine and I like to spend non-working hours walking with my kids on the beach instead of in the gym alone. I love 40s and 50s- pencil skirts, wiggle dresses and fitted jackets - if you have got it flaunt it!

  8. I think eating what you want in moderation is a very good key to keep your weight.

    One thing that somehow never gets addressed when people talk about fitness is that humans comes in different bodytypes. We have the thin type who never gains weight, but don't build muscles either- my boyfriend is a perfect example They may have to much fat in their bodies, but it build up inside and around the intestines. Then the one who build up muscles easily- ususally those who advertise various fitness stuff... And then the type that carry their fat just under their skin, so even if they have a heatlyh weight they look much fatter than the other two types.

    I'm definitely the third type- in my early 20's I was underweight, but I still had a C-cup and hips and some tummy fat. Looked very strange as my face was hollow and my collarbones was way too visible.

    So I think that when one decide on how one want to look like, then you should consider the type one is. Have a healthy weight is one thing, but to have the goal to look like a natural athlete when you are, for example, a natural thin person, well, then you may have some problems. :)

  9. I actually choose to buy vintage as I always wanted to be different, very few people were interested in it and it was the same price as the high street. However as I got older my body shape changed to being less then slim. I prefer forties clothing as the celebrate the rump and bust, I have ample of both.

  10. This is a fabulous post, and it is similar to what I'm doing at home here. Since we're exercising, I'm careful about not have TOO few calories, as keeping a healthy minimum is important. But I just don't believe in all these modern fad diets "no carbs" or "no meat" or "lots of meat of certain types and only certain vegetables" - etc. I think it boils down to: calories in, calories out. Eat healthy, rounded meals and get in some physical activity. I guess we'll see how it goes! THANK YOU.

  11. I've always been a curvy gal. I have a 31" waist and it bugs the daylights out of me that a 28" waist is often considered a large. :-/

    I usually stick to weight watchers and it too sticks to the food pyramid and the diabetic diet and you can't get much healthier than the diabetic diet.

    My issue is more with exercise than eating, personally, but I know once I get my butt in gear I can accomplish my goals! :)

    Thank you for this post!

    The Fictionista

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