Sunday, January 8, 2012

SUMMER 1958...

I already told you in this post that my husband has just bought a 1958 Lincoln Continental. So I asked myself what I could wear to cruise in that convertible next summer...

Looking across my vintage magazines, I came across this book.


A book about coats and suits for summer 1958, what more to ask to be inspired ? I'm not a big fan of late 50's fashion, my favorite clothes are definitively from 1945 to 1955, but those drawings are so cute!!! I will let you appreciate all those ideas for summer 1958!!!!

What do you think about those drawings ?
Do you love late 50's fashion ?


  1. Yummy! I tend to like earlier 50s fashions better than later 50s but I'm always up for a huge skirt and a poofy petticoat.

  2. Oh, these are amazing! Thanks so much for taking the time to show us these treasures. This is my favorite era, even thought I'd never be able to wear the clothes shown (what did short, round shaped girls wear in the fifties?)
    You made my day!

  3. They are very sweet pictures xx

  4. Thank you for your nice comment !
    I am not a dress person and never has and never will (well who knows ? maybe when I will be 60... le declic)

    In England, we don't have summer so you may end up with a cardigan or even rain boots loool !
    I love pants and skirt....which it is sexy in a casual way.