Saturday, January 7, 2012


Here, in the North of FRANCE, also in Belgium and Luxembourg, we celebrate Epiphany by eating a special cake called "GALETTE DES ROIS" something I can translate like "Kings' Cake". This cake is only available a few weeks in the year. It's a puff pastry with almond cream.

We wait for this delicious cake all the year long, it's so tastefull but also really not good for diet because all butter made....

But what is the more special think in this "GALETTE" it's that there is a trinket (usually a porcelain figurine) or a bean hidden inside. The person who gets the piece of cake with the trinket becomes "king" for a day.

We ate the Gallette at my parents' place this year and I was really surprise and happy to find the small dog IDEFIX (from the cartoon ASTERIX and OBELIX) in my piece of cake!!!!!!!!

So I was allowed to wear the crown to be the queen of the day!

You will also be able to see my nice hairstyle of the day...

Do you know the french "GALETTE DES ROIS"?
Do you have some traditions to celebrate Epiphany in your country?


  1. I've picked up a similar tradition here in the states, from New Orleans. But you can have King Cake, including the plastic baby hidden inside, until Fat Tuesday.

  2. Louisiana was french and this french tradition is really old probably from the middle age. I have already heard about american King Cake but never taste it.

  3. That sounds like a very yummy cake indeed! And you hair looked lovely!

    In Sweden there is a tradition of placing a small treat like a coin in the traditional Christmas porridge. Not as yummy as your cake, I think. :)