Saturday, January 28, 2012

HATS from PARIS!!!!

What I love the most in vintage fashion from the 40's-50's is the HATS!!!! I think that if you follow this blog you can see that I really often wear them. What a pity that hats quite disappeared from women fashion in the mid 60's... A hat can transforms any girl with an ordinary outfit into a princess, isn't it?

I own probably more than 100 hats, I found most of them in local flea markets and some from US Antiques Malls. My biggest problem is how to store them saftly, some are huge, some are fragile with feathers, bows or silk flowers. Hats boxes are often expensive because people use them to decorate and don't use them for hats...

I would like to share with you one of my favorite vintage magazine about hats dated back Winter 1952. Let's discover together those beauties with feathers, fur, velvet, beads... I want them all!!! All are HAUTE COUTURE hats so they are bold and quite impossible to find now....

The color of these blue feathers are amazing. 

A perfect evening hat...

All the pictures are so beautiful.

A turban style with a leopard coat, WAOW!!!

A set made of grey persian lamb, so elegant!

I love hats with flowers, it's made a so glamorous style !

An exemple of hats which are so difficult to store saftly...

What an amazing brooch probably from the Vendome Place in Paris!

I love fur on Winter hats ! 

One of the hat I really dream to find one day...

Look at this suit!!!!

A veil can make you look like a so mysterious woman...

Velvet hats are some of my favorites, a nice shiny material.

I'm still searching for a nice lamb wool hat...

I hope you enjoy those pictures! I also want to let you know that I will be soon reach 100 followers (I'm so exited!!!) and I really want to share my love for vintage things with you with a great GIVEAWAY!!! It will be something about 50's fashion magazines, patterns and a cute surprise. So please share this blog!

Do you often wear vintage hats ?
Do you have tips to store them ?


  1. beautiful pictures and hats, I'm sorry a bit for all the birds plucked ....
    Congratulations on your almost 100 followers, and are curious about the magazines, which among other things the French are the best.

  2. Great pictures! I love vintage hats, and I own a few myself, but my problem is I never feel I have an occasion to wear them. I don't know if its the fact that I'm more of a tomboy and don't feel comfortable with it, or if I just have to grow into it ;) Right now I'm more of a snood girl, so at least I'm on my way ;)

    1. I also love snoods, I cannot wear vintage without something on my hairs: snood, silk flowers or of course hat! It's sometimes hard to wear hats, especially with 50's crazy style, you must suffer the stares of people....
      When I travel by plane I cannot bring hats and I feel it's a pity!!!!

  3. Oh, these are lovely. I will add several to Pintrest, which I hope will bring you closer to your 100 followers goal. You should have 100 or more folowers for all the effort you put into your posts. Thank you!

  4. Omg I love all these hats, I want to have them all!
    I am a big fan of vintage hats, and I have around 30-ish of them, from the 20-s all the way to the 60-s. I can't imagine going out and now wearing a hat. I always start my outfits by picking out a hat. Storing them is always a problem... I keep them in 3 large boxes sorted out by: summer, winter and spring/autumn hats. In the winter boy I always put lavander because most of them are wool and I'm paranoid when it comes to moth :)

  5. Wow, they are all amazing! I especially love the ones with wild feathers. I have a ton of hats in my collection and I store them my hanging them up on display on the wall. They look so pretty and colorful hanging together. I dust them periodically if they need it and they hang in the foyer, away from direct sunlight.

  6. I adore hats! I'm slowly building a collection. They are quite hard to store! I was going to hang them on the wall with hooks but the only hooks I could find that were suitable where like $20 each!

  7. This is AMAZING! I'm going to share some of these on Pinterest, and hopefully it will bring some people to your blog - the whole collection is STUNNING!

  8. I too adore hats! It is sad though, not many gals here in the vintage Vegas scene wear hats. My friend and I seem to be the only ones who show them off!

    I also have issues storing hats. They have such delicate netting or are straw. I put some of the smaller ones in men's shoe boxes. I got a few hat boxes for Christmas.

    I very rarely find hats in any of our shops. My mum always finds them for me.

    Happy hatting ;)

  9. Such beautiful photos and the models were gorgeous! I love hats! I look fwd to adding more of them to my small collection!! xox

  10. Beautiful! So inspiring!


  11. Oh I think it was the first one with the blue feathers that got me! An arrow straight in my heart! Thanks for this lovely post, it saved my morning. I have had a terrible start of the week!

    I love hats, I have not counted how many I own. A tip on storing hats you probably already know, but I store my hat collection in old suitcases it does not have to be hatboxes. The suitcases are square and are a littlebit more practical to store and staple on top of each other. Only my really special ones get separate boxes. And the hats with feathers are easier to store if you carefully fold some silk paper or you can use a silk scarf that has holes or has been ruined by stains. Esprí feathers that point out are challenging to store because they can break. I store them in suitcases so they will not be so crowded or cramped as in a hatbox..

  12. These are very gorgeous pictures! I only have a few hats in my collection (along with my husbands and childrens) so they are stored in a wardrobe. I have nothing as fancy as yours, so they stack easily, but i feel i will have soon. I'm a very strong believer that hats can take an outfit from good to great!!!!

    Maxine x

  13. Stunning, thanks for collating these pics together

  14. Wow, amazing pics - I'm in love with the green one with the slightly ruffled brim!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny

  15. I love all these hats, such amazing pictures! I really want to own or find a pattern to make some of these hats, they are mesmerising! New to your blog and loving it, definitely following! XxxX

  16. I love them all, thank you for sharing these great pictures,
    ciao ciao Christa