Sunday, January 1, 2012

A MEXICAN New Year Eve

HAPPY NEW YEAR 1952 to all my readers!!!!
(I can dream, isn't it?)

2011 was not a bad year for me but I hope 2012 will even more fun!
For some I will wish health, for other working vintage cars, for some more vintage clothes, why not more travels... to summarize a lot of what you like the most in your life!!!!

We finished 2011 and began 2012 with a really colorful party with friends: VIVA MEXICO!!!!

My husband really looked like Don Diego de la Vega... or perhaps Luis Mariano...
What a charming mariachi!

All the guests tried to be as mexican as possible...

A tequilla lover...

And look at those mexican pointy boots...

I had bought a new vintage circle skirt for this party.

I also wore this beautiful parrot brooch just thrifted some days ago...

Our host Seniorita Is...

What a colorful entry with chili peppers, corn, cheese, olive, beans.... (Thanks to Aline)

Ay Ay Ay Pimientos!!!!!!!

We continued our meal with a huge chili corn carne!!!

And it was time to break the PINATA!

What a crazy mexican wrestler!!!!

Most of our friends wear tatoos and drive custom cars, so we are quite atypical between them... then after the baseball bat why not some tatoos!!!

And finally become a very BAD mexican girl!!!!

What a dog's life with all those crazy people!!!

What did you do for this New Year Eve?
Have you had as much fun as us?


  1. Lol! What a great party! Your husband is hilarious!! I love themed parties. It looks like everyone had a great time. Happy new year, sweetie!

  2. Fabuloso! Swell party and terrific outfits! Love your skirt and the pointy toed boots. Oh, and that mustacho!

  3. superbe soirée et très belles photos ! Bonne année à tous les deux - Bises

  4. How fun! My husband and I had a few friends over but next year I think we are going to have to do a theme party!

  5. Cool party !!!
    J'avais oublié de mettre ton blog dans les liens du notre, erreur corrigée, à bientôt !

  6. You all look so fabulous!! Looks like such a fun time. I adore your skirt, so gorgeous!

  7. What a fun theme for a New Year party! And that circle skirt is AMAZING!

    xx Charlotte
    Tuppence Ha'penny Vintage