Sunday, October 7, 2012


Except my husband and I, there is somebody else who like to dress vintage at home... it's EVA!!!

Do you remember her?

I found her last december (here) and here is the outfit she wore for spring and summer...

A cute coton 40's summer suit... I really loved it but it was far too small for me!

Find the story of this nice hat here when I wore it!

Even if I love this mint and white suit, I thought it was time to change for a autumnal outfit...

There is a story behind this dress... I often measure old houses for my job and I often find a lot of abandoned stuffs in the attics...

I probably saved this dress from garbage... there were many other clothes from the XIXth century to the 40's where I found it but everything was in so poor condition: stains, incredible moths damage, years of dust...

I manage to hand wash it... but it's not in a wearable condition due to some holes, but it displays really nice, isn't it?

These purse and hat are present from my friend Christophe.
Eva borrowed her bakelite jewellery from me of course...

It's nice a have this kind of friend at home, she can wear what don't fit you or clothes that unfortunalty cannot be worn outside anymore...

Do you have a mannequin at home?
Have you ever saved some clothes from garbage?


  1. J'adore l'idée ! C'est génial de mettre des pièces comme ça ! Je n'ai qu'une vitrine pour les turbans/accessoires/bijoux, mais un mannequin, quand on a la place, c'est bien mieux ! Malheureusement chez moi, c'est trop petit :(

  2. Love it, what a great friend to have. She just needs a cup of tea in her hand:)

  3. She's so cute, but at night does she ever scare you?

  4. Why Eva, what a splendidly stylish lass you are! I would love to go clothes shopping with you and your (incredibly!) well dressed vintage loving roommates one day! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  5. This is a GREAT idea! I think I need an Eva at my house too. I have a boring dressmakers manequin that I sometimes put dresses on...but nothing as glamorous as your lovely lady.