Wednesday, May 30, 2012

My birthday week-end !!!

What a busy week-end we had, much more tiring than working...
It was a beautiful sunny 3 days week-end spend with friends just perfect to celebrate my birthday!

We started on saturday with a BBQ meal, the first of the year!

Some friends visited us from Paris.

It was time to go out with our '58 Lincoln convertible, the weather was so perfect!

We went to visit Luxembourg City.

If you didn't know, Luxembourg is the smaller country in Europe except Monaco and Andore.

The historical center of the City is registered at UNESCO.


There are some old battlements in the upper City.
The oldest part of the town is the lower city.

There is a kind of "canyon" crossing the City.

It was like summer....


Here is the lower part of the city with the Alzette river.
We had to thank our driver....
You can see here on the background our garage with my husband collection.... vintage VACCUM CLEANERS!!!!
I must make a post about that in a near future....

Despite a busy pizza party on evening, we woke up early on Sunday for some flea markets under the sun!
We found a lot of great stuff for amazing low prices... some items were even given to us for FREE!!!


Time to look at what we found....

Shoes, umbrella, basket, bag, blender, toys, hat, vaccum cleaners, fur, vintage magazines, glasses, towels....

On Monday, it was a day off in France so we had planned a wonderful picnic for my birthday with friends!

All friends brought their vintage cars.
Sylvain caught all the girls with his big convertible....

We found great place in middle of some ponds !

What a nice day to cruise together!

We made a stop at a small medieval village near home.

The day finished at home to eat cake with some cold drinks...

Thanks to everybody to have been here for my birthday!!!!

Did you spend a nice week-end ?
Is it also summer weather where you live ?


  1. How lovely, your weekend looked absolutely perfect!

  2. Your life looks so idyllic! I would LOVE to see your husbands vacuum cleaners!

  3. Wow! How do you park that car in those tiny spaces when you go out? :)

    1. My husband is able to park a truck in a mouse hole now.... :-)

  4. Many happy (bleated) returns!;-) Looks like you had a brilliant weekend! It was also my birthday on sunday and I too had a busy weekend.... great pressies though!
    tupney x

    PS- yes to the vaccum cleaners!

    1. Oh, so happy birthday to you too!!!! It was also a friend of mine birthday on sunday.... a lot of geminis in the neighborhood....

  5. Happy Birthday! It may have been a busy weekend but it looks like you all had a lot of fun.

  6. Joyeux Anniversaire (with delay)
    What a great week-end, you all look to have had a lot of fun!

    1. No problem, my real birthday is today.... but it's a working day so we have already celebrated it this week-end!

  7. Your lives are so picturesque - you have such beautiful friends. Looking lovely as always!

    Et joyeux anniversaire - j'espère que c'était merveilleux :)


  8. Bon Anniversaire! J'espère que tu as eu plein de super cadeaux! Le weekend aux puces, ca me rappelle de très bon souvenir... il faut absolument que nous venions.

    Moi c'était vendredi 25 avec resto et cocktails entre amis.



  9. Happy birthday! It all looks so lovely!

  10. A belated very happy birthday to you!! Looks like a wonderful weekend. Here we had a holiday weekend, and it was hot like the end of summer, and today it's cold like March. Ha!

    I spent two days in Luxembourg City in college when I traveled around Europe on spring break from study abroad in Ireland. I loved it so you've brought back some memories for me!

  11. happy birthday laurence avec du retart désolé!

  12. Happy Birthday Laurence! It looks like a fun time was had by all. Oh my goodness look at that vacuum cleaner collection! I Have to share with you: I used to work in a store that sold vacuums,I worked in the corporate office (doing payroll and accounting for all 9 locations) however at the corporate office there is a vacuum museum (my favorite thing about working there was all the old vacs in the museum!) Here is a couple of links for you and your husband to check out: and