Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Christmas Eve in vintage style!

Another Xmas is already over...

It's always quite sad when Xmas is over....
so here are a few pictures of our Christmas Eve outfits!!!
I hope that Santa Claus brought to you a lot of nice presents!
So I choose to wear a full Xmas inspired outfit this year...
First I have to use this cute 50's hat with white fur and red velvet...
I was keeping this skirt bought a few months ago for this special evening... from the 50's, wool made!
I also wore vintage Xmas jewellery!!!
A vintage charms bracelet and some glitters ballerinas!
I also love that purse but don't use it a lot because it's really fragile!
And what about my hubby?
No Santa Claus outfit for him!
30's style shoes from REMIX...
A really nice 50's sweater made of wool and suede...
Some details...
and what a nice vintage watch!!!

We spent our Xmas Eve at my brother's place with all familly.

Sylvain was quite interested with my niece's lamb...
me too...

 You must have noticed my good day hairstyle... I'm not so bad when I take time to curl them...
You can also see here my vintage earrings.
 40's tie of course!!!
It's always so exiting to open Xmas presents!!!! 

I received for example those nice slippers!
Our familly children had a lot of games and toys, so we had to play all night long...

Sylvain perhaps drank a bit too much... :-)
A few last pictures...
with our vintage pets...

and it was time to go to sleep!!! 
Did you spent a nice Xmas Eve?
Did Santa bring you all what you wanted?


  1. Oh, you two are simply ADORABLE! I love your blog, your style is terrific ♥

  2. You two always, always know how to inject the heftiest dose of vintage style and charm into any day! I adore your holiday outfits (that Christmas charm bracelet is to die for!) to no end, and really appreciate the effort you both put into them.

    Happiest holiday season wishes, my sweet friend!
    ♥ Jessica

  3. Hello,
    vous êtes tous les deux magnifiques comme d'habitudes. Ta coiffure est parfaite :)
    Bisous à vous deux

  4. Oh you both look so fantastic! Off topic- but I LOVE your living room curtains!! That hat is darling. Merry Christmas, sweetie!

  5. Such amazing outfits!!! I particularly love your handbag : ) x

  6. Where did you get your headpiece? It's adorable!

    1. I bought this hat last year on Ebay... I tought it would look a bit ridiculous, but for $9.99, I gave it a try... and I was right!

  7. Amazing outfits for both of you, what a stylish Christmas you make!! Your little red hat/cap is too cute.

  8. It never stops surprising me how you two found each other in this big world. I guess there aren't so many men who are brave enough to wear vintage (at least not in my country). I love to watch your pics - you are a perfect couple, you pick matching backgrounds, focus on the details. When I watch your pics, it seems I'm in a different world. Thank you for that. Happy New Year. Can wait to see your New Year's party clothes.

  9. You both look beautiflu as always...but the first thing I noticed was your beautiful hair, what a lovely style, so envious of your platnum blond curls. Sylain's watch is just the last word in watches...I would love to find one like that for my husband. Joyeux Noel! xx Shauna

  10. I love your hat! Just perfect. You have some very lovely Christmas accessories:))

  11. omg, you have a steiff snobby poodle? we just sold a grey and a black one to the states ... i feel a little sad about it. i miss our snobbys!
    your outfit looked so gorgeous ... especially i love this fab straw bag.