Friday, November 8, 2013

City of the DOGES...

And my vintage dresses could finally go out....

Here are the view from our huge hotel room!
 A small balcony to enjoy Venice's roofs!
We were really lucky to have such a nice room!!!

As weather was really nicer...

we decided to climb at the San Marco Campanile.

That's easy, there is an elevator!

The view was really breathless!

You can see all those narrow Streets, beautiful!

So to speak more about my outfit...
I could wear this 50's dress with flat ballerinas to walk...
It was still a bit cold so I used the scarf that I used on the first day as a turban as a bow to protect my neck...

Nice yellow 50's sweater for my husband.

A place must not be miss if you visit Venice.

That's the Doge's palace!

It's so well restored.

Here is a picture from the Bridge of Sighs...

Do you know it's not romantic at all?

Sighs were from the prisoners who went from the Doge's palace to jail!

Taking all the time vaporettos instead of buses was really fun and exotic.
Water level was really high.

We also visited some venitian palaces from the XVII-XVIIIth century.

But a lot are in really bad condition.
It's part of this city charm....
but a lot of buildings need urgent care!
There are  scaffolding here or there but it's still not enough...

 if they want to save it for the next generations!
When you are strolling in this city you must have an eye on everything...

Look at this umbrellas shop!!!

We even finished this nice day with some sun rises!

Enough to see linens out of windows everywhere, so italian!

To be continued...
Do you wear vintage when you are travelling?
Did you know that Venice is in danger?



  1. Love your outfit! Would love to visit Venice one day. xxx

  2. I love seeing your adventures in Europe. You see so many interesting places and it almost just feels like I am getting a post card. What a wonderful place to visit and I love seeing what you will choose to wear. You also certainly know how to find a great umbrella:) There is an art to this all in itself:)

  3. What wonderful pictures! Your outfits are amazing. I love Italy, we have been there a few times but never visited Venice ..... Now we must go there too :)

  4. There are some places on earth that seem so beautiful, it's almost hard to believe they're real - be they natural landscapes or man made cities teaming with historic buildings, and to my mind, Venice is most definitely one of those kinds of dreamy locations.

    Beautiful plaid dress! I how you partnered it with a snood in two of the colours from the frock itself. Great accessorizing!

    ♥ Jessica

  5. You are SUCH a stylish pair - loved seeing these pics!

  6. looks like a fantastic holiday ... beautiful.
    when i was a kid i visited the doges palace with my parents ... even as a kid i actually i actually loved everything old, ancient, historic ... but i hated the doges palace. for some strange reasons i felt like i wasn't able to breath in there ... i suppose my parents didn't had a nice day there. ;)

    your plaid dress is gorgeous. i could wear checkers and plaid all over the time.

  7. Fab ensembles!

    I don't take too much true vintage with me when we travel. And during flights and such, I wear repro all the time.

    And I did know about Venice actually!

  8. This looks like such a wonderful trip! I am glad that the weather perked up and you were able to wear some dresses!

  9. I have a picture of that very same umbrella sign! :) I thought it was so charming. Wonderful pictures! I can't help but gush over my favorite city!
    ~xoxo, CoriLynn