Tuesday, September 11, 2012


Like every first week-end of september, we spent a few days at Disneyland Paris for the Rock'n roll festival.

Disneyland is about 320kms from home and we chose to drive our '58 Continental...

And we finally arrived at our hotel the Sequoia Lodge... a lot of luggages for many planned outfits!

We met 2 greats guys with their '57 Lincoln.

We were parked side by side in Disney Village.

I chose to wear my vintage mexican outfit on this first day!

The weather was just so perfect.

I was wearing for the first time my new ERSTWILDER brooch!

We had the chance to meet many Disney characters at the Disneyland hotel!!!!

My friend Donald Duck....
Mary Poppins' pet....

Mickey gave me his arm...

The sweet Eeyore.... "Bourriquet" in french!

Look at my new vintage purse... a kind of pirat trunk!

I love that outfit, not easy to wear in french streets... but perfect for Disneyland!

Sylvain was wearing one of his nice vintage hawaiian shirts.

We really are like kids there...

At the entrance of Disney Studios.

Everybody run to not miss anny attractions....

Shoppes are always so well decorated!
Give me five, Mickey!

I have owned this shawl for many years and it fits this outfit 100%!

Sequoia Lodge is not the most luxurious Disney Hotel, but it's the one we love the most!

We like its Art and Craft style!
After a hot day, why not going to the Pool?

This 50's swimming suit was the first one I ever bought.

Sylvain's bathing suit was a late 50's hawaiian short.
And it was time to dress for the evening!

I was wearing for the first time Blue DELANO shoes from Miss L Fire!

What a nice picture!

A fake haircut just for the picture....

Sylvain, do you want to trade your Lincoln for a vintage scooter? Will drink less gasoline for sure!!!!
Live at Disneyland!

We finally met friends to share a burger lunch at a 50's style diner!

We even missed the rock'n roll concerts on the first night... we had needed a 30 hours day to do everything we wished!!!! You can see how full was our day with the lenght of this post....

To be continued....
Do you like Disneyland?
Have you ever visited it in Paris?


  1. I didn't even know about a Rock'n'Roll festival at Disneyland Paris... DX Would be fun since it's not THAT far away - we could jump into the TGV and could be in Paris in about 4hours... *yeah* Have to think about that next year^^

  2. Wow, what a lovely vacation. One of these day we want to take the girls to Disney. Last time I went I was 12.

  3. You know something, Disneyland Paris is the only one I've ever really felt compelled to see. Unlike most North American kids, I never saw any of the US ones as a child (my family didn't have the means to take holidays like that when I was little), and haven't ever be to Tokyo, so I haven't seen the Japanese one. But there's just something about the idea of combining all the sweetness and whimsy of Disney with the chic elegance and fun of France that appeals to my inner child to no end! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  4. on attends la suite avec impatience.....

  5. Just love your pix and cute outfits! You both are so adorable!!!! I've been to Disney World here in the States and I loved it! Closed the park every night after running around like a kid all day. That was back in 1990 - and my favorite place was called the Tune In Lounge-a 50's themed little restaurant. I had to stop by there every day!!!!! Can't wait to see more pix from your visit. Fantastic!

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